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  • Promoting Teamwork and Active Living

A Message from the Principal

At Jordan Christian School we strive to ensure that our students are prepared with knowledge, skills, and attitudes that allow them to excel wherever they go. We teach from a Reformed Christian perspective while teaching to the expectations of the Ontario curriculum. Our students show above-average success in basic skills testing and literacy scores.

We believe that all of truth is God’s domain. Our lessons integrate Biblical truth and it’s our hope that every student comes to a personal knowledge of God that guides all of their learning and all of their life.

Because He is, we are Jordan Christian School.

- Mr. Mark Fintelman, Principal

Our Mission

Jordan Christian School is passionately committed to providing our students with a quality, God-glorifying Christian education, while nurturing a desire to continually seek knowledge and be contributing members of society.

Our Values

  • To educate students in a Biblical perspective rooted in our Reformed heritage
  • To instill strong Christian character values in students including love, respect, honesty, kindness, and diligence
  • To promote caring, sharing, and a respectful learning environment resulting in a close-knit school community
  • To drive students to be responsible by challenging them with rare academic, social, and commercial opportunities
  • To challenge students to be critical thinkers, creative, conscientious, and collaborative by providing a differentiated education
  • To provide a positive close-knit community where lifetime relationships are fostered between parents, teachers, and students
  • To recognize and reward outstanding effort within the community
  • To be always learning