Nurses, engineers, teachers, police officers, medical secretaries, and personal support workers are only a few of the occupations enjoyed by our alumni. Throughout their years at JCS, we provide our students with strong guidance counselling and support coupled with Christian training, which has resulted in 76% of our graduates in the past five years continuing on to post-secondary education. From there, our graduates have gone on to achieve diplomas and degrees in their chosen fields and further on to a career well-suited to their interests and abilities.

"At Jordan Christian School I was given opportunities to learn, grow, lead, and develop into the person I am today. The quality of the teaching and the low student to teacher ratio helped me excel in my school work and fully prepared me for my post-secondary education. I did not realize how well prepared I was until I entered college, where many lessons were review and many taught concepts were ones I had already learned. The school community at JCS became my second family and allowed me to express my opinions and beliefs in a safe and loving environment. This has shaped my world-view, solidified my beliefs, and grew my faith. I was given the opportunity to develop leadership skills during my time on Student Council, as well as in a variety of sports activities and other school events. These skills enabled me to be involved in several organizations in which I actively participated in the largest social reform movement in Canadian history, lead activist groups, and am currently founding the first pro-life club on my campus. JCS has given me a solid foundation so that I am able to excel in school and make a difference in other people’s lives." - Rosalyn D., JCS Alumni 2014

"From the continuous support of teachers to the deep friendships with peers, the years spent at Jordan Christian School have played a huge role in who I am today. I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to grow and be stretched spiritually, mentally, and socially. I have also learned invaluable lessons being a part of a tight-knit community and being my own individual person, following God's calling for my life. This has allowed me to explore my faith, feel comfortable with asking questions, and go deeper in my relationship with Christ. In turn, I have grown to desire to follow God's calling for myself, which has been for Him providing me with the opportunity to currently live in a community and serve the most vulnerable children in Africa." - Heather B., JCS Alumni 2011

“My experience at Jordan Christian School was a blessing to me academically, socially, and spiritually. Over my 13 years of experience at JCS, I was able to constantly grow my skill set through the close student-teacher relationships, lasting friendships, and awesome learning environment. My favourite aspect of JCS was the strong support systems they have in place. Whether it was in Physics or on the soccer field, I always had the opportunity to demonstrate my own creativity while accepting guidance from peers and teachers when I needed it. I believe that the unique learning experience that I received at JCS equipped me with the skills and confidence that I needed to succeed at post-secondary education and now in my Marketing career.” - Mark W., JCS Alumni 2010