Jordan Christian School is governed by an elected School Board, which consists of ten members from within our extended school community and whose role is to oversee, direct, and review all aspects of the school. The Board is accountable to the larger School Corporation, of which membership is open to anyone with an interest in the school. Corporation members meet at least twice a year and enjoy voting privileges on all major issues and board member elections. Our internal administration includes Principal Paul Wagenaar and Secretary Alissa VanIperen, whose primary responsibilities lie in the academic performance, administration, and public image of JCS. We also have a variety of committees to assist in the operation of JCS, which include the Education, Finance, Fundraising, Maintenance, Marketing, Policy, Technology, Transportation, and Yearbook Committees. Each committee is comprised of between two to ten members and operates under the direction of the Board. We encourage staff, parents, and other members from the school community to join a committee that best suits their individual personality and capability.