The location of Jordan Christian School originated as a one-room brick schoolhouse built in 1886 on one acre of land. In 1912, a building addition was made, which included another classroom, a principal’s room, a cloakroom, and a second entrance. Electricity came to the school in 1928 and chemical toilets were added a year later to replace the outdoor water closets. Another addition in 1939 resulted in new cloakrooms and science rooms, as well as a new teacher’s room. Two years later, three-quarters of an acre of land was purchased for additional school grounds, while in 1942 a well was dug to allow for the installation of a drinking fountain. Within the next 15 years, another acre of land was purchased and another addition was built which included two more classrooms, a new entrance, and new washrooms. From 1957 to 1982, Jordan Station Public School, as it was then known, went through a period of various board amalgamations and declining student enrollment. Finally, in June of 1982 the building was closed. The following October, the school was purchased by the Netherlands Reformed Congregation of St. Catharines.

Historic Jordan Station Public School

Jordan Station Public School c. 1890

Jordan Christian School was established in 1984 under the original name of the Netherlands Reformed Christian School and, at that time, offered Kindergarten through Grade 6. Two years later, we were blessed to add Grades 7 and 8 to our curriculum. In 1989, an addition to the building was completed, which included an auditorium, a new kitchen, a staff room, new washrooms, offices for the principal and secretary, and an enlarged janitor’s room. A few years later, in 1992, a Special Education Program was also added to our school. In 1999, the school’s operating name was changed to Jordan Christian School and in 2000, we added Grade 9 to the school along with three portables and secondary staff offices. Over the following three years, an additional secondary grade was added, so that in 2004, we were privileged to have our first graduating class of Grade 12. Renovations were made to the kitchen and storage area in 2009, while a Junior Kindergarten Program was added in the following year. Looking back over the years, we are thankful to God Who has not only provided us with our own school, but supplied us with all things necessary along the way, and continues to guide us by His Fatherly hand.