The Story Behind the Dove

JCS Dove LogoIn its 30th year of existence, Jordan Christian School was rebranded. Part of this process was the creation of a new logo. So why the dove in the logo? What does a dove have to do with a quality, God-glorifying Christian education in service of the community?


Doves have widely been known as symbols of reconciliation, peace and love. But there's more to the story.

The single most important event to ever take place at the River Jordan was the baptism of Jesus, after which it pleased the Holy Spirit to descend upon Jesus in the bodily form of a dove. Since then, the dove has become a recognizable symbol of the Spirit within the Christian community.

This event was foretold by Isaiah in chapter 11 of his prophecy, where he identifies the gifts of the Spirit that Jesus would receive. These seven gifts were:







Fear of the Lord


So why the dove?

The dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit, Whose work it is to apply the Biblical instruction provided within the academy. The Spirit is promised by Jesus to all who ask (Luke 11:13) and so we pray for the Holy Spirit in Jordan Christian School to give wisdom, understanding, counsel to do right, knowledge, courage to be followers of Jesus, true piety and an awe and love for who God is. Then, by God's grace, we work by the fruits of the Spirit, striving to gain more wisdom and understanding, while practising good Christian character within the community that we live.

Pray and work. Ora et labora. All by God's grace, all by the powerful work of the Holy Spirit.

The dove in our logo serves to remind us of the very foundation of Jordan Christian School, the entire basis, reason and purpose of the School.

Because He is, we are Jordan Christian School.