Jolly Kinders

Jolly Kinders is an extra-curricular program offered at Jordan Christian School, available to all children that are 4 years of age by December 31. While the regular Junior Kindergarten program runs during the mornings in the Kindergarten classroom on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, Jolly Kinders provides a program that complements this learning in a separate room during the afternoons on these same days. This program runs from 12:30-3:00 p.m. on all JK school days and will provide students with a full-day school experience, with bus transportation home from school.

The monthly fee for Jolly Kinders is $250, which is in addition to school tuition rates. This fee covers all activity, resource, and field trip costs offered within this program, as well as transportation home each day.

Jolly Kinders is not a replacement for Junior Kindergarten, but an optional extension of it. While all JK core curriculum will be covered in the morning, Jolly Kinders offers children the opportunity to reinforce their learning through additional activities. Students have plenty of opportunity to interact with one another as they participate in additional arts and crafts, social science-related projects, language and math activities, PE time, play centres, and even field trips and outings. Formal assessments or evaluations are not part of this program; students will simply be commended for their achievements.