Learning Vision

Blending CLASSICAL and EXPERIENTIAL elements into a Christ-centered liberal arts program that strives to PERSONALIZE EDUCATION to the needs and capabilities of our students while exceeding curriculum expectations.

A traditional, teacher-directed approach to learning, recognizing truths that ought to be taught and passed down, and doing so developmentally in stages based on the trivium of grammar, logic, and rhetoric. It is providing students with the essential tools for further learning and teaching students what they want to know, when they want to know it. It is the cultivation of wisdom and virtue, promoting truth, goodness, and beauty.

An innovative, authentic approach to learning, purposefully engaging students in direct experience and focused reflection. It is facilitating students in hands-on and practical activities, and in real-life situations and environments that actively engage learning-by-doing. It is encouraging experimentation, creativity, and problem-solving leading to the development of analytical skills and the generation of new ideas.

We recognize all students as unique individuals who were created with various gifts and talents, and it is our purpose to attend to the needs and promote the growth of each student according to their goals and interests. Instruction is differentiated and students are challenged to use and develop their abilities with intentionality and purpose.