Fundraising Events 2017/2018

Our Fundraising Committee at Jordan Christian School consists of an energetic group of people with a knack for planning ‘fun’-raisers and as such, the school community enjoys a variety of events throughout the year for the benefit of the school. These fundraisers include:

  • ‘Boston Pizza Booster Night’ – a lovely little dinner out with your family and friends at the beginning of the school year (September 14)
  • ‘Stroopwafel (syrup waffle) Sales’ –  a type of cookie with a special sweet syrup in the center, sold by JCS students. They make a great snack for those unexpected coffee guests! All stroopwafels are purchased from Schep's Bakeries, (October)
  • ‘Reformation Open House & Breakfast’ – a hearty buffet of home-style food served on Saturday morning followed by an Open House highlighting student work from Reformation Week (October 21)
  • ‘Wings Night’ – a great night of wings and fun! (November 10)
  • 'JCS Free Skate' - an afternoon of fun on the ice at the Seymour-Hannah Sports and Entertainment Centre with part of the proceeds supporting a local food bank (January 5)
  • 'Dutch Dinner' - a family night out with delicious dutch cuisine! Bring the family and have a night off of cooking! (January 19)
  • ‘Mystery Dinner’ – a pleasant dinner event where hosts and guests discover each other’s identities minutes before the appetizers are served (March 2)
  • ‘Taste of Spring Dinner’ – a delicious, full-course dinner prepared by a local chef and served by our very own high school students (April 6)
  • 'Mission Open House & Breakfast' -  students are always excited after Mission Week to show off what they have learned! Join us for another tasty homemade buffet breakfast, then tour the school to find out more about the missions that our school supports. (April 28)
  • ‘Springfest’ – a fun-filled day for the whole family with activities that include kid's games, carwash, vendor tables, plant and flower sale, garage sale, bake sale, and petting zoo (May 19)
  • ‘Perchfest’ –  Grab your fishing gear and get ready for a morning of perch fishing on Lake Erie followed by a delicious fish fry for lunch! Participants are asked to make a donation; all proceeds support Oxford Reformed Christian School and Jordan Christian School as well as local food banks. A prize will be awarded to whoever raises the most money! (date TBD)
  • JCS Golf Classic’ – an exciting day of golf followed by a classy dinner at a local golf course with additional prizes to be won throughout the day (date TBD)

Whether it’s planning a new and exciting fundraiser, running an existing fundraiser, or volunteering at a fundraising event, there is always plenty to do and we encourage every member of our school community to participate in whatever measure they are able. To help out, please contact Ed Otten at (905) 386-6385.